To be a leader in providing capital to funders primarily specializing in the SMB channel. We will look to transform the MCA industry by making it efficient and convenient for funders to access capital at a lower rate. In working with ISO’s/MCA providers our process will touch every aspect of the funding life cycle, including oversight on customer acquisition, sales, scoring & underwriting, funding, and servicing and collections. Enabled by our proprietary technology and analytics, we will aggregate and analyze thousands of data points from dynamic, disparate data sources, and the relationships among those attributes, to assess the creditworthiness of targeted funders rapidly and accurately. The cost of capital offered to MCA providers through our platform is generally better, on average.

We also believe that our model enables investors to earn attractive returns and enjoy a more direct, low cost access to the MCA space as an investment asset class. Investors will include both individuals and institutions. We believe that diversity of our investor base will allow us to rely on more predictable funding sources with a wide range of investment strategies and risk appetites.

FinBridge Advantage

Direct Funding Independent Sales Organizations (ISO's) acting as originators for MCA’s. Companies that make direct, short term funding to qualifying small businesses that need quick capital. FinBridge provides funding solutions to these organizations.

FinBridge follows a rigorous funding process focused on portfolio underwriting, portfolio collateral and mitigating risk while creating significant upside potential. We emphasize a deep fundamental analysis of each merchant through strong daily cash flow and definable analytics.
Finbridge boasts a seasoned management team with over 50 years of financial industry experience in the Alternative Funding, Hedge Fund, Investment Banking and Risk Analysis space. Finbridge is highly motivated in our investment selection process.
Lower cost and on-demand capital affords the funder to provide higher quality merchants, who may have passed on the original offer with more competitive terms. This increases your organization's revenue and bottom line without additional expenditures on marketing, underwriting and sales.

Established Platform

We invest in both traditional and complex situations and seek to build long-term, sustainable value. By combining traditional funding techniques, progressive financing methods and operational expertise, we are able to deliver value-added solutions that may not otherwise be available from conventional financing sources.

Proven Investors

FinBridge has demonstrated the ability to originate, analyze, structure and execute proprietary opportunities with a keen focus on preserving value.